What Are SEO Companies and What Do They Do?

Putting up a business nowadays is tricky business. Not only does a person have to consider traditional marketing with paper and ads, but he/she also has to consider how to promote his/her business online. Many businesses have transitioned to the digital world, and one of the leadings ways to make sure that customers will find a person’s website is to use a search engine.


Many companies aim to be on the very first page of any search engine’s results. Getting on the first page, however, is the problem. Just having a website isn’t enough. A person running the website needs to make sure that the website is getting enough hits or views so that any search portal will consider them important. But how does someone generate enough audience interest to do that?

The answer lies in hiring an SEO firm.

SEO is a way of creating website content in such a way that the keywords that a person uses will be the same as those that search engines deem important. An SEO firm provides such services and it is their job to make sure that a website gets an audience, and that the audience generates good business. But then there’s the big question: how do they do it?

Some of the services that most SEO companies provide for their clients are:

  • Remove spammy links – Google penalizes sites that use too many links that point to one website. A search optimization firm will clean up any unwanted or overuse of such links, leaving a person’s company with enough to generate interest without spamming the viewer.
  • Research keywords – keywords are the foundation of being found online. Well-placed keywords in website articles, for instance, will increase the chances of that article appearing in the first or second page of any engine’s search results. Keywords are constantly researched by optimization specialists according to what coincides with the client’s business.
  • Analyze progress – using web analytics tools like Google Analytics, a search optimization firm will be able to tell if their methods are working and generating interest or if there are improvements to be made.
  • Website redesigning – sometimes, a website needs to be completely overhauled before the actual search optimization could begin. If a website has shown to be too outdated or isn’t generating views despite any changes, then a firm would strongly recommend that it be redesigned to suit what the business needs.
  • Optimizing websites – aside from optimizing keywords, search optimization firms also look over a client’s site and see if it’s easy enough for viewers to understand and navigate. Going through the different pages of a site should be smooth and not confusing, and should also include clear links that lead to specific parts of the site.
  • Monitoring – a search optimization firm makes sure that whenever the client’s company or site is mentioned, there should be a link to the client’s website. If the firm finds that another site has made such a mention, they themselves would contact the owner and request that a link to the client’s website be supplied.
  • Research other competitors – there are many, many sites on the internet with the same themes, services, goods, and the like. It’s the job of a search optimization firm to look into what these possible competitors have done with regards to their on SEO, and perhaps try to improve or replicate it for the client.
  • Create content – not only does an SEO look over a site’s content, they can help in creating it. A client may ask a search engine optimization company to write articles containing relevant keywords, make videos, put up a blog, and so on. Creative content attracts more views, and more views means more potential business for someone’s website.
  • Submit reports – even with the influx of interest, a search optimization firm should still provide detailed reports to their clients like where in the world their audiences come from, what their standings are in search rankings, and what type of feedback the audience is giving. Depending on the needs of the client, reports could come in as frequently as every week or as sparingly as every month.

There are many more ways that SEO companies could help a client further. Many offer packages for good deals, and it’s best for a person to talk with different agents to compare what their plans could be for his/her site. Always remember that investing and maintaining the services of a search engine optimization company does not come cheap, and knowing what they could bring to the table could spell good business for a website.

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