Four No ideal Motivational Speakers Who Succeeded in the Profession

Motivation and inspiration sometimes arise from unexpected moments. They can also come from no ideal speakers who you wouldn’t expect to be good based on their backgrounds and reputations. These speakers might not look and sound like Tony Robbins, Stephen Covey, and Zing Ziglar, but they are masters of their own elements nonetheless.
Take a look at these four no ideal motivational speakers who succeeded in the profession.

1.Eric Thomas

He was homeless, a high school dropout, and troubled teen. Upon first glance, you’d probably mistaken him for a hip-hop artist rather than a motivational speaker, but hey, he commands attention so effectively that you won’t see anyone in his audience yawning from boredom.

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He specializes in inspirational talks about the relationship between success and sacrifice, and because he is a been-there-done-that kind of person, people believe him despite his “ghetto” accent, rapper movements, baseball cup, and in-your-face style of delivery. What you see is what you get.

He is a living proof that staying true to yourself, regardless of your background’s reputation, is essential to achieve great lengths as a speaker.

2.Nick Vujicic

His parents did not expect him to live past 10 years old; more so, expect that he would be an in-demand international motivational speaker. In fact, not many people who knew him would have thought that a limbless man, hopping and skating his way around places, would be one of the best speakers the world could ever see.

He commands the audience even without hands and feet because his voice and wit are enough to change people’s lives. Contrary to what many people believe is a life of sadness and hopelessness, his is actually a happy one, full of love from his family and friends. He went to a regular school, played on the park like everyone else, and had understanding people around him while growing up. The happy part of his life is enough to make him forget that he once tried to commit suicide to end his suffering.

Another unexpected aspect of his speeches is the humor he injects to his stories. Many times, he even makes jokes out of his misery because he could now laugh at his misfortune without bitterness. His heart and box of surprises are more than enough to make up for his missing limbs.

3.Arnold Schwarzenegger

Just when everybody thought that being an action star and governor could never go side by side, he proved that he could still add one more entry to his resume, and that is by being a motivational speaker…of some sort.
During his life as a politician, he had been a frequent guest speaker in events, talking about how he surpassed all the challenges thrown his way and how he shunned naysayers to prove them wrong in the end (a lot of naysayers, that is). His political career might not have been what you can call iconic, but he certainly left his mark in the public speaking stage for quite some time.

4.Sarah Palin

Many people call her one of the biggest jokes in the entire American political history (despite the fact that her family is the most powerful political family in Alaska), but her salary as a motivational speaker is not something people can laugh at.

keynote-speakingIn 2010 alone, barely two years after the Republicans made her a nominee for the vice presidency, her earnings had already been in the eight figures, hauling $115,000 to $200,000 per speaking engagement. She got paid a whopping $7,000,000 for her first book and now still continues to rake from royalties. She is definitely not your typical motivational speaker, but her presence on stage is something that many smaller names in the industry could admire.

She never had success in the national political arena, but she certainly found it in motivational speaking and authoring.

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